What Is Responsive Website Design & Why Is It Important?

Do you remember when it started to become popular for site designers to use Flash? There are all kinds of site design techniques that can complicate a website, albeit to the detriment of its usability as well as its rankings with the search engines. Websites don’t have to be complicated, as app interfaces promote interaction, look modern, and do all of this without looking too busy.

In many ways, simplicity is key when designing a website, and a responsive website is going to score big points with search engines and with your site visitors in general. These responsive websites aren’t just about interaction but about an optimal viewing process as well. Additionally, these sites are going to be in the best format for all the different devices out there, hence the mention of the app interface.

What Is Responsive Website Design

It’s really something when you have a slick site that promotes usability yet again looks professional and is available on all platforms. What this translates too is there isn’t going to be all the scrolling and re-sizing required, which of course makes you think about those mobile platforms, again with an app interface in mind.

You can imagine what is driving this type of site design, and you can also imagine how much site owners need to pay attention to this trend. It’s not a future movement but a current reality regarding strength in numbers when it comes to mobile site browsing these days. Those numbers are only going to grow.

Google is liking this kind of site design strategy, and so it’s going to pay off if you head in this direction. Be sure that you take a look at what others have been doing, and start designing a responsive website incorporating best practices SEO enabling consumers that use their mobile phones to fully interact with your website.